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GetViewMapGradientNormF1D Class Reference

#include <AdvancedFunctions1D.h>

Inheritance diagram for GetViewMapGradientNormF1D:

UnaryFunction1D< real > List of all members.

Detailed Description

Returns the density of the viewmap for a given Interface1D. The density of each FEdge is evaluated in the proper steerable ViewMap depending on its oorientation.

Public Member Functions

 GetViewMapGradientNormF1D (int level, IntegrationType iType=MEAN, float sampling=2.f)
string getName () const
real operator() (Interface1D &inter)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GetViewMapGradientNormF1D int  level,
IntegrationType  iType = MEAN,
float  sampling = 2.f

Builds the functor from the level of the pyramid from which the pixel must be read.

level The level of the pyramid from which the pixel must be read.
iType The integration method used to compute a single value from a set of values.
sampling The resolution used to sample the chain: the corresponding 0D function is evaluated at each sample point and the result is obtained by combining the resulting values into a single one, following the method specified by iType.

Member Function Documentation

string getName  )  const [inline, virtual]

Returns the string "GetSteerableViewMapDensityF1D"

Reimplemented from UnaryFunction1D< real >.

real operator() Interface1D inter  )  [virtual]

the () operator.

Reimplemented from UnaryFunction1D< real >.

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