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GuidingLinesShader Class Reference

#include <BasicStrokeShaders.h>

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Detailed Description

[ Geometry Shader ]. Shader to modify the Stroke geometry so that it corresponds to its main direction line. This shader must be used together with the splitting operator using the curvature criterion. Indeed, the precision of the approximation will depend on the size of the stroke's pieces. The bigger the pieces, the rougher the approximation.

Public Member Functions

 GuidingLinesShader (float iOffset)
virtual void shade (Stroke &stroke) const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GuidingLinesShader float  iOffset  )  [inline]

Builds a Guiding Lines shader

iOffset The line that replaces the stroke is initially in the middle of the initial stroke "bbox". iOffset is the value of the displacement which is applied to this line along its normal.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void shade Stroke stroke  )  const [virtual]

The shading method

Reimplemented from StrokeShader.

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