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IncreasingThicknessShader Class Reference

#include <BasicStrokeShaders.h>

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Detailed Description

[ Thickness Shader ]. Assigns thicknesses values such as the thickness increases from a thickness value A to a thickness value B between the first vertex to the midpoint vertex and then decreases from B to a A between this midpoint vertex and the last vertex. The thickness is linearly interpolated from A to B.

Public Member Functions

 IncreasingThicknessShader (float iThicknessMin, float iThicknessMax)
virtual ~IncreasingThicknessShader ()
virtual void shade (Stroke &stroke) const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

IncreasingThicknessShader float  iThicknessMin,
float  iThicknessMax

Builds the shader.

iThicknessMin The first thickness value.
iThicknessMax The second thickness value.

virtual ~IncreasingThicknessShader  )  [inline, virtual]


Member Function Documentation

virtual void shade Stroke stroke  )  const [virtual]

The shading method.

Reimplemented from StrokeShader.

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