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ViewVertex Class Reference

#include <ViewMap.h>

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Interface0D NonTVertex TVertex List of all members.

Detailed Description

Class to define a view vertex A view vertex is a feature vertex corresponding to a point of the image graph, where the characteristics of an edge might change (nature, visibility, ...). A ViewVertex can be of two kinds: a TVertex when it corresponds to the intersection between two ViewEdges or a NonTVertex when it corresponds to a vertex of the initial input mesh (it is the case for vertices such as corners for example). Thus, this class can be specialized into two classes, the TVertex class and the NonTVertex class.

Public Member Functions

virtual string getExactTypeName () const
 ViewVertex ()
virtual ~ViewVertex ()
virtual Nature::VertexNature getNature () const
void setNature (Nature::VertexNature iNature)
virtual ViewVertexInternal::orientedViewEdgeIterator edgesBegin ()=0
virtual ViewVertexInternal::orientedViewEdgeIterator edgesEnd ()=0
virtual ViewVertexInternal::orientedViewEdgeIterator edgesIterator (ViewEdge *iEdge)=0

Public Attributes

void * userdata

Protected Member Functions

 ViewVertex (ViewVertex &iBrother)
virtual ViewVertexdupplicate ()=0


class ViewShape

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ViewVertex  )  [inline]

Default constructor.

ViewVertex ViewVertex iBrother  )  [inline, protected]

Copy constructor.

virtual ~ViewVertex  )  [inline, virtual]


Member Function Documentation

virtual ViewVertex* dupplicate  )  [protected, pure virtual]

Cloning method.

Implemented in TVertex, and NonTVertex.

virtual ViewVertexInternal::orientedViewEdgeIterator edgesBegin  )  [pure virtual]

Returns an iterator over the ViewEdges that goes to or comes from this ViewVertex pointing to the first ViewEdge of the list. The orientedViewEdgeIterator allows to iterate in CCW order over these ViewEdges and to get the orientation for each ViewEdge (incoming/outgoing).

Implemented in TVertex, and NonTVertex.

virtual ViewVertexInternal::orientedViewEdgeIterator edgesEnd  )  [pure virtual]

Returns an orientedViewEdgeIterator over the ViewEdges around this ViewVertex, pointing after the last ViewEdge.

Implemented in TVertex, and NonTVertex.

virtual ViewVertexInternal::orientedViewEdgeIterator edgesIterator ViewEdge iEdge  )  [pure virtual]

Returns an orientedViewEdgeIterator pointing to the ViewEdge given as argument.

Implemented in TVertex, and NonTVertex.

virtual string getExactTypeName  )  const [inline, virtual]

Returns the string "ViewVertex" .

Reimplemented from Interface0D.

Reimplemented in TVertex, and NonTVertex.

virtual Nature::VertexNature getNature  )  const [inline, virtual]

Returns the nature of the vertex .

Reimplemented from Interface0D.

void setNature Nature::VertexNature  iNature  )  [inline]

Sets the nature of the vertex.

Member Data Documentation

void* userdata

A field that can be used by the user to store any data. This field must be reseted afterwards using ResetUserData().

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